Common Questions

Q. 1 How long do your services last?

A. Our services typically last around an hour to hour and fifteen minutes long.

Q. 2 What services are available to children?

A. On Sunday morning we have Children church in our C.E. Building and a nursery for younger children

who are not old enough to remain still for the full service. On Wednesday we offer age-group classes in our C.E. Building.

Q. 3 What do our worship service look like?

A. We praise God using both historical hymns and contemporary songs. We preach Expository messages

that expounds the literal meaning of the text, give glory to God, and shows the congregation the

Christ we serve.

Q. 4 Do you adhere to a dress-code?

A. No, we have some in our congregation that wear their Sunday best, and we have others who wear

casual clothing. We understand that Christ is not concerned with the outer wear, but is concerned with

the heart of man.